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Monday, April 14, 2014

Kids Email Review

As a mom of a pre-teen, or in his words a tween, I am always making sure I protect my son from the many negative influences that flood our kids these days. We all know that we don't have to go far to stumble upon some explicit material, it's definitely all over the media. 

One thing that I do know is that it is the responsibility of my husband and I to protect our children from being exposed to this material, and we make it our job to do that to the best of our abilities. 

It seems like ever since my son started middle school he has officially became a tween. This includes wanting to be a part of the social media craze. My husband and I agreed to let him open up an Instagram account.  My husband and I are both following him, and we have his password and monitor his page as closely as possible. Honestly I still don't know if I am ready for all of this. 

When it comes to starting a social media account it always requires an email address. My son also likes to play online games, so he tries to use my email address for all of these things. 

I wanted him to have his own email account that he can use for these purposes, but I am always concerned about spam and other images he may receive having a regular email account. 

When I found out about the company Kidsemail.org, I was all in for the idea of doing a review so I could check it out for myself.

This is an actual service that my son and I can use, and I would be able to give a completely honest review of this company's services. 

The one feature that I really appreciated was the quickness and ease of setting up the account and adding on my son. 

I also liked how I had the option to go through a series of questions,  and set the security preferences for my son's email account. The parent is in total control of who their child can send or receive emails  from, and what images or language is in the emails that are received.  

You can set up your child's contact list under which you can only access under your own parent profile. I was a little confused about this process and it took me a little while of searching to finally figure it out, but afterwards it all made sense because it keeps all of those options in my control as the parent. 

Kids Email is completely kid friendly and it's a great way to start teaching your child how to be tech savvy when you decide it's that time. 

My son and I tested it out by emailing each other back and forth a few times, and we had a great time communicating with one another in this way. 

I asked my son his opinion on his new email account and he said, " I love it!"

If you have a child that is at the age where they are ready for an email account, and you are looking for a company that provides safe email services and protection to your child, please start up your 30 day free trial today and check it out for yourself. 

*I received the following services mentioned above for free in hopes that I would review and mention it on my blog. My goal is to always honestly recommend products or services that I personally use and feel would benefit my readers.

Be Blessed!

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