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Friday, March 7, 2014

What Wives Wear:Sweater Weather

Hello wives welcome back to 
What Wives Wear 
I have really enjoyed being able to share with you 
different looks and styles that can 
inspire your own personal wardrobe.

I have been getting inspiration as well 
as I see the outfits of other wives  
and the looks they are sharing.

Today I am bringing you another 
look from a blogger friend of mine.
Tiffany aka Mrs.Tee she blogs at 

Tiffany is no stranger to fashion. 
She often does outfit-of-the-day posts 
on Instagram, as well as her blog posts and vlog series
"ACCESSorizing Your Inner Fashionista 
One Piece At A Time."

I'm sure like most of us Tiffany has been dressing for 
dare I say...this "Winter Wonderland" weather 
we have been experiencing.

I know many us are just looking forward to the spring
but until then get your winter fashionista on.

I honestly like winter fashion because I usually 
stick to my staples which consist of
sweaters, scarves, leggings, and boots.
I love me some boots! 

This combo can be the perfect winter outfit 
because it serves it purpose.
It's easy to put together, stylish, and keeps you warm.
Wives please don't forget your accessories.

Check out Tiffany's version of this look.

American Eagle Jeggings (Black)
American Eagle Sweater (Khaki)
Black Rider Boots
Black Infinity Scarf (Walmart)

So don't let this cold, snowy weather discourage 
you from experimenting with your style. 
You can still stay warm, be comfy, and look good!

Don't worry wives spring will be here soon enough. 

Be Blessed!

Check back next week for another great look.

For any wives who would like to be featured on

What Wives Wear

Please contact me at 


for more details.


  1. Replies
    1. Hello Jen, thanks for visiting & commenting to my blog. I'm excited about the series too. I love fashion so I can find any reason to talk about it. If you're interested I would love to feature one of your favorite looks. You can contact me by email godlifehappywife@gmail.com ~Sherri

  2. I like her look, the scarf goes so well with that sweater!

    1. Hi Sola thanks for stopping by. Tiffany's look was definitely cute. I loved wearing scarves this winter. You won't catch me leaving the house without one. They keep you warm and they are a fashion accessory. What more can you ask for? Please feel free to visit again. I loved having you! ~Sherri


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