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Welcome my name is Sherri. I am a follower of Jesus. I have been blessed to be the wife to my best friend Markiel. I am a mother to my tween son Amari and my preschool daughter Sanai. By God's grace I have found true joy in serving my family in our home. Even amongst all the everyday craziness I know this where God has called me to be. I learn something new everyday. I also recently became a part time bible teacher at my daughter's preschool. So I have the best of both worlds.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

#AskAwayFriday With Stacey From This Momma's Ramblings

I got a chance to swap questions with 
another great blogger this week. 

It's that time again for another #AskAwayFriday

This week I got the honor of meeting Stacey from 
She also happens to be one of the hosts 
to this great link up.

Stacey asked the questions, and I answered. 
Check out all my answers below.

1. If you could go back in time and interview any historical figure, who would you choose and why? I guess the first person that comes to mind is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I respect all that he represented and his strong faith. 

2. What is your fondest dream that you have yet to accomplish? I would love to go on a missions trip to another country. Any country. I just love the idea of giving of yourself to serve and share with others. I think sometimes we don't realize how good we have it in America until we experience how others live. Plus I have heard stories of people's lives completely changed after a missions trip. 

3. I am looking forward to summertime weenie roasts in our back yard, complete with glazed donuts and s’mores. What is something that you are looking forward to doing this summer? My family is planning to go to Disney at the end of August. My hubby went into complete Disney mode and has done research and planned out a complete itinerary. He has gotten me excited about our plans. 

4. What would a pamper day include for you? A day at the spa including a full body massage, facial, hair, nails, and of course there would have to be shopping and food. A couple years back I got a taste of this when my hubby treated me to a day at the spa for Mother's Day. It was a complete surprise and I was in heaven. Talk about being relaxed. I came out of there feeling like jello.

5. Do you have a favorite book that you will read over and over? What is it? To be honest I'm not that big of a reader because it takes me forever to complete a book. 
I would definitely have to say my favorite book is the bible. I read it over and over and learn new things from it every time. 

6. What is something that blogging has taught you about yourself? That I actually like writing, and that I can express myself so much better through writing than with speaking. Who would have known?

7. Do you have a favorite recipe from your childhood that you now make for your family? Baked macaroni and cheese. My mom made it the best and now I make it the same exact way for my family. I love cheese!

8. What is your favorite thing about being a mom? There are so many things, but I guess my favorite thing would be the unconditional love of my children. They know I'm not perfect, but they love me anyway.

9. Have you ever had the chance to meet any of the blogging friends that you have made? No not yet, but I hope to have an opportunity to in the future. I did get a chance to chat with Mrs.Tee from Mrsteelovelifelaughter one night, when she shared her story on my blogtalk radio show. It actually was my very first show. She helped me calm my nerves. It was my one and only show since I decided to take a break from it right now, but who knows what God has planned for the future. 

10. Do you have a favorite story from your childhood that you now read to your children? I always loved the story of Corduroy by Don Freeman. He is the teddy bear with the missing button. It is such a cute story, that my kids loved just as much as me. I love the movie even more. 

I had a great time answering these questions and getting to know Stacey. Check out her blog here to see how she answered my questions. 

Be Blessed!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What Wives Wear Link Up: Week 4

Welcome to the
What Wives Wear Link Up!

This week we got the chance to celebrate Memorial Day. 
It is a chance for us to honor and remember all of those 
that served and sacrificed for our country.

We send a special prayer to all of those that serve 
and to their families. Also those that may have lost a loved one.

This weeks link up we got a chance to see a few 
Memorial Day outfits. 

Also with the temperatures rising we got to see 
some more of the summer looks coming out. 
God Life Happy Wife

Hosted By:
Sherri@God Life Happy Wife

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What Wives Wear Link Up is a place for wives/moms 
to express their own personal style. 
Link up your favorite outfit post of the week. 
Get inspired while inspiring others!

We will meet and link up every Thursday

Each week the hosts will choose the Top Two looks 
to be featured for the next weeks link up.
Join us each week and we may just pick you!

This weeks Top Two we got to meet Agi who linked up 
her monochromatic look. She added a pink blazer on top of 
an all-white look. With the summer almost here we want to
start wearing our pastel colors and our whitest whites.

Rachel's look I described as a perfect stylish mama outfit.
She took a fun and easy LBD and remixed it,
with some super cute accessories.

This is a dress she has worn in more than one season, 
and with just a few changes, she easily made it work. 

                   Agi@Vodka Infused Lemonade                                    Rachel@Garay Treasures                        

Summer Style:Lace & Cutoffs
I don't know about anywhere else but in NJ 
lately we have been experiencing some high temperatures. 
One day when we hit almost 90 degrees with high humidity, 
I thought it was about that time to break out my summer wear.

Plus in my last #AskAwayFriday I was asked the 
question of what my typical summer outfit consisted of.

So here it is. I had a taste of summer in the spring.

Tank:Gifted, Shorts:Delia's(thrifted), Sunnies: Old Navy
Shoes:Authentic American Heritage, Necklace:Etsy:Annsterw(gifted), 
Bracelets:Made by daughter/thrifted

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2. Follow your hosts. Leave a comment letting us know you area new follower and we will be sure to follow back.

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Now let's get linking!

Influenster Vox Box Reveal

I got it! My very first Influenster Vox Box.
I was so excited even though I didn't know what to expect.
That's what made it even more exciting!

The box was a little beat up but it was here!


I love all the free goodies I have been receiving 
especially after my great Favorite Color Swap package.

Look at these. I don't really wear fake nails anymore, but
next month I am going to a family wedding in Baltimore
so these will be perfect.

I love mascara! I already have pretty long eyelashes
so when I put on mascara it makes them look super 
long and full. Sometimes people think I have falsies on.
I will be using this.

It's the season where I will be more 
dresses, skirts and shorts. 
Now my legs can be moisturized, 
while they're firming. 
Sounds like a win win to me. 

I always need these, especially since I always 
think I have enough and then I realize I don't. 
That's never fun. Am I the only one?

Look apple pie so yummy! 
You'll never guess what this is.
Unless of course you have your own Vox Box.
It's an air freshener, and it smells just like 
fresh apple pie. 

Here's the back. It's promoting the new movie 
Labor Day. I haven't heard much about it. 
I'll have to check it out. 

All I know is with this air freshener scent, 
this thing is going straight to my car. 
Apple pie definitely smells better than old fries.

Did you like my first Vox Box? 
If you haven't received yours, sign up now at Influenster

*I received the following services mentioned above for free in hopes that I would review and mention it on my blog. My goal is to always honestly recommend products or services that I personally use and feel would benefit my readers. 

Be Blessed!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Remembering God's Miracles

Today is a day that it is important to remember. It's not simply a day off from work and school. It's not just a day to eat lots of food and go to a bbq, or watch a parade with all the excitement. 

Sure these things are fun and we try to celebrate, but we must not forget that on Memorial Day we are honoring and remembering those that served and gave their lives for our nation. 

There are some that may not celebrate on this day because they are remembering a loved one that they have lost. My heart and prayers go out to them. 

There are many men and women that were willing to give their lives for our freedom  and God wants us to never take that for granted, but there was one that gave His life for our freedom and we should never forget.

Jesus died on the cross so that we all could have freedom. His life was the ultimate sacrifice. 

Through your life has God shown you miracles? I know myself I can answer yes, yes, and YES! 

How often do we forget these miracles when we are going through hard times and struggles. We get so consumed by our situations and our emotions that we forget that we serve a powerful God.

God has not failed us and He won't start now. Remember the miracles and the sacrifice in those hard times. Let it encourage your heart. Remember that we serve a faithful God. 

Today as you are going about your day keep these things in mind. Enjoy your day with family and friends. Please remember to honor and thank a person in service for all that they do.

Happy Memorial Day Be Blessed!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

#AskAwayFriday with Sonya from Savings With Sonya K

Alright ladies it's been a while, 
but I'm back with this weeks 

Who is my swap buddy this week you ask?
Good question!

I had the opportunity to swap questions with 
none other than...

Sonya from 

Sonya asked me questions about 
my three favorite subjects: fashion, faith, marriage.

See how I answered her questions.

You have lots of fashion/style posts on your blog. So lets start with some fashion/shopping questions.

1. I read that you are loving stripes. What is one fashion trend that you don't like that's popular now?
That is true I am loving stripes. I've always worn them but it seems like lately I have been drawn to them more. 

When it comes to popular trends that I don't like, I have to be honest I don't even know what the trends are right now. As much as I love fashion I'm not always up on the latest trends. I just wear what I think looks good. 

I do sometimes notice online and in magazines some of the trends,  like for example I know florals are big right now. I like that one. 

So to answer your question I would say anything showing too much skin. Like crop tops and bra tops. It may work for other people but not on this christian mama. It would not be a good look!  

2. What would be your ultimate fashion splurge if you had unlimited funds? Not only am I not into trends but I'm not really into big name brands. Way too expensive just for the name. At least that's what I think. 

My ultimate fashion splurge would be going to a NYC thrift store with unlimited funds and with unlimited time to go through all the racks, and of course it would have to be on their 50% off day. I would be in heaven!

3. What is your typical spring/summer outfit? It's not too different from my fall outfit except less layers. I would say skinny jeans for spring and cutoff shorts for summer with a brightly colored t-shirt. I love color! 

As far as my shoes flats for spring and  a comfortable sandal for summer. I even like to throw on a maxi dress because it's quick, easy, and keeps me cool.

4. Online vs. in-store shopping which one do you prefer and why? Definitely in-store because I like to dress up so I need to be able to try on the clothes. 

You write a lot about your faith. So I thought it would be fun to have some questions about gospel music.

5. What is your favorite praise song?I have so many favorite praise songs it's hard to narrow it down to just one. 

It all depends on what I'm going through spiritually God will speak to me through a specific song, then that song will be my new favorite song.  

God has really been speaking to my heart through the song Oceans by Hillsong United.

This song talks about trusting God in those times when we feel overwhelmed. Trusting Him to make our faith stronger with no limits, because He is always with us. Plus I love the voice of the girl who sings it.

6. Do you have a gospel song that lifts you up when you are feeling down? One of my favorites songs is Dara Maclean Wanted. This song reminds me that no matter how I feel God made me, and He makes no mistakes. He will always want me exactly the way that I am. I think often times as a wife, and a mom we need to be reminded of that. 

Here are the lyrics to the song:

From the day you were born 
And took your first breath 
You opened your eyes and in came the light 
He was watching you 
But all of your life you couldn't shake the lies in your head 
Saying you're a mistake 
Oh but you were made 
By a God who knows your name 
He doesn't make mistakes 

You are wanted 
To every broken heart, He stands with open arms 
You are wanted 
To every searching soul, look to the rising sun 
If you're lonely, hurting, gone too far 
To the outcast you come as you are 
For you, you are wanted, you, you are wanted 
You, you are wanted, you, you are wanted 

Let this be the day that joy takes the place 
Of all of the years that shame tried to steal away 
He is calling you 
Lift your eyes to see His face 
Come run into the arms of grace 


You, you have been marked 
You're set apart 
And He calls you His 
So you don't have to search 
Don't have to look for where you belong 

You are wanted 


7. Do you have a favorite gospel artist, group, or choir?
I like a variety of Christian music from gospel to Contemporary Christian. Some of my favorite artists and groups are Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond, Mandisa, JoAnn Rosario, Britt Nicole, Group One Crew, and Casting Crowns.

How about a few marriage questions?

8. What are three things that help you to be a happy wife? First and foremost my relationship with Jesus. If I didn't depend on God I would be doing it all wrong. Even with God I do things wrong, but with God I have that guidance. 

Second the love of my family. My husband and kid's love gives me so much joy everyday.

Third is the support of my family and friends especially with all their encouragement for my marriage and prayers for my family. 

9. What is a typical date like for you and your husband?
The one thing that we are blessed with is available babysitting. So whenever we want to plan a date night my mom is always willing to take the kids. 

We like to go to new restaurants, so my hubby and I usually go to dinner for our dates. On our first date we went to the Olive Garden, and then a movie.

10. I love seeing older married couples and find them inspiring. Do you have any married couples in your life that you admire? If so, what have you learned from them? I shared on my blog about how I always admired my grandparents and their love for each other. Their marriage definitely left a legacy for our family. The one thing I learned from them is that no matter how long they were married they always acted as if they were just married. 

They would always do little things for each other to make one another happy. They would retell the story of their first date like it was the first time. They would even dress alike. Read their story here.

These were great questions Sonya. 
Thanks for swapping with me. 
I really got a chance to know you better. 

Go to Sonya's blog here to read her 
answers to my questions.

I hope my answers helped you all 
get a glimpse into my God Life Happy Wife world.

See ya next week.

Be Blessed!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Wives Wear Link Up:Week 3

Welcome to the
What Wives Wear Link Up!
Week 3

Last week we had some good looking 
wives join in and link up. 
If I do say so myself.

We are so thankful for all the 
new ladies that joined our link up. 

We hope you continue to join us each week, 
and please spread the word about our community.

God Life Happy Wife

Hosted By:
Sherri@God Life Happy Wife

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What Wives Wear Link Up is a place for wives/moms 
to express their own personal style. 
Link up your favorite outfit post of the week. 
Get inspired while inspiring others!

We will meet and link up every Thursday

Each week the hosts will choose the Top Two looks 
to be featured for the next weeks link up.
Join us each week and we may just pick you!

Last week we had two new ladies share 
their favorite look with our link up. 
This week these ladies are featured as our Top Two.

Nicole@High Altitude Style
Jenni@Evelyn Boutique

Link Up Guidelines:
1. Feel free to grab our button to display on your blog sidebar. Help spread the word and share about our link up community.

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Now let's get linking!

What Wives Wear: Chambray & Coral

This week on 
What Wives Wear
I decided to put together my chambray shirt with
one of my favorite spring colors coral. 

I am once again showing you two looks. 
One is a dressier look for church, 
and just by switching a few pieces I made it 
a casual everyday look.

Shirt:Chaps(thrifted), Skirt:Anne Klein(gifted), 
Shoes:American Eagle, Belt:Thrifted, Earrings:Thrifted

To make this a more casual look I threw on 
some neon coral skinny jeans with
a pink and white striped belt. 
I also changed my wedges for my floral slip-ons.

Shirt:Chaps(thrifted) Jeans:Puzzle, 
Shoes:Authentic American Heritage, Belt:Thrifted, 
Necklace:Forever 21, Earrings:Thrifted

To me the spring is all about color and comfort. 
What are some of your favorite colors for the spring?

*This post is linked up to the 

Be Blessed!

10+ Wives Club:Robin

Welcome back to a new edition of 
10+ Wives Club

Today I want to introduce you to Robin.
Robin has become a good friend of mine.
She is also a wife, mother, and a lover of Jesus.

I had the honor of meeting Robin when she welcomed me 
into her home for her Moms In Prayer meetings. 

Each week I have the opportunity to come together 
with Robin, as she leads me and other mothers to pray for 
our children, their schools, and our families.

Ever since I first met Robin I was very impressed
with her love and commitment to her children and her husband.

When Robin shared with me that she recently celebrated her 
10 year anniversary, I knew I wanted to interview her.

Today I am welcoming her into the 10+ Wives Club. 
Here is her marriage story.

1.How long have you been married?
10 Years and 18 days!

2. How did you both meet? 
College.  Although we never dated in college (just friendly hellos on campus), we bumped into each other at homecoming, 5 years after we graduated.

3. How many children/grandchildren do you have? 2 boys

4. What are your two favorite qualities about your husband? He is kind and considerate.

5. What do you and your hubby like to do for fun? We both have a passion for food, so cooking together, trying a new restaurant.  Watching a movie together, or just laying somewhere on a blanket in the sun and reading next to each other. 

6. What is some advice that you would give to a newly married couple? Don't sweat the small stuff.  I heard Dr. Laura say once,  "Is this the hill you want to die on," this is a good reminder when an argument begins.

7. What would you say is the key to your lasting marriage? Stay the Course!!!!  It isn't about your happiness.  Happiness comes after serving one another.  For women, respect your husband, even if it is not earned.  For men, love your wife, even if it is not earned.

8. What would be one thing you would want others to remember about your marriage?
That God was the glue/center of our marriage.  That we enjoyed each other.  That we both lifted each other up above ourselves.  That we spoke kindly of each other.  That we cherished each other.

I'm excited to share Robin's marriage story,
and celebrate her 10 years of marriage.

I pray that God continues to bless 
Robin and her family. 

I hope that something Robin has shared
inspires you in your marriage.

Be Blessed!

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