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Friday, April 25, 2014

What Wives Wear:Julia

Today on What Wives Wear 
I have Julia guest posting from

I was really interested in Julia sharing with us how she takes 
pieces that she already owns and refashions them.

I am really impressed with this talent, because I myself 
always wanted to be able to do this.

Still to this day I am trying to learn how to 
work my sewing machine, so I can begin working 
on some projects that I have in mind. 

Being able to upcyle and refashion pieces is a great way
to save money, as well as reinvent your existing wardrobe.

Another way to take advantage of refashioning pieces is 
by purchasing items from the thrift store, 
then refashioning them into your own look.

Now ladies this type of stuff makes me excited! 
I love the idea of getting a deal by finding pieces 
at the thrift store then bringing it home and making magic!

If you are just as excited by that idea as I was, 
check out some of Julia's refashioned pieces and 
how she styled them.
Visit her website to get the full tutorials. 

Look One - Stripy Top Refashion:
I had a rather ill fitting striped T-shirt that needed some TLC. 
I had seen a lovely but expensive striped color blocked top in the shops that I really liked so I found a suitable coloured striped T-shirt in a Charity shop and combined the two in a T-shirt mash up! 

Full details and step by step tutorial can be found here: http://www.sumoftheirstories.com/2014/03/stripy-t-shirt-refashion.html

I wear this with dark jeans normally and in the blog photos 
I wore a necklace that I made from a broken bracelet. Details of how I made the necklace can be found here: http://www.sumoftheirstories.com/2013/10/old-bracelet-to-new-statement-necklace.html . I've found it is a useful weekend "go anywhere" top but I have worn it to work too - very versatile!

Look Two - Pink Top with lace trim:
I've had this pink top for years, (literally - at least 10!) It used to be plain around the neck and tunic length with a self tie belt. Sadly the washing machine made a few of those annoying little hole on the front, about 4 inches from the hem so I chopped off the holey bit and hemmed it a little shorter. 

A few years later I thought it needed freshening up and found this lace that I thought might be suitable. I just hand stitched it around the neck edge, top and bottom edges of the lace 
(I did try just doing the top edge for speed but it curled up. Sometimes there is no short cut!)
My husband thought it was a new top so I guess the refashion worked!

I'm wearing it with dark jeans and pink accessories. My pink ballet flats, a selection of bangles (the pink wrapped cord bangle is another of my makes, details can be found here: http://www.sumoftheirstories.com/2014/02/3-pink-bracelets.html) and some lovely little earring that my sister in law made for me. 

This is the kind of thing I wear to work as we are kind of smart casual in our office. Normally in the UK in March I would add a cardigan (I have a nice long straight navy one that I often wear with this) but we were experiencing a lovely spring day! I apologize for the shadow lines over me in the photo, they are the washing line! Our 14 year old was taking the pictures and he really doesn't notice that kind of thing. 
He does however take pictures when ever I ask him and with a smile so I can't ask for much more than that, can I? 

Julia really gave us some inspiration on how to take a piece that you may have just thrown away and make it brand new.
Thanks to Julia for the great tips!

Be Blessed!

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