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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

10+ Wives Club Mother's Day Edition:Carol

On my blog I always like to celebrate wives 
that have been married 10 years or more.

This Sunday we will be celebrating a very 
special day dedicated to mothers.

In the spirit of Mother's Day this edition of 10+ Wives Club 
I am excited to feature my mother. 

My mom Carol and stepdad Jesus are both Deaf.
I got a chance to sit down with my mom and 
ask her some questions about her marriage. 

Most them I already knew the answers to, 
but I wanted her to share with us from her words.

Today I am proud to introduce the 
newest member of the 10+ Wives Club my mother.

1.How long have you been married? We have been married for 14 years. Our wedding day was on New Year's Day of 2000. We had our wedding at a local reception hall named Snuffy's, and now it's our tradition to have dinner there every year for our anniversary.

2. How did you both meet? My friend was on a Deaf bowling league, and one day I went with her to a bowling match. My husband was her team captain. I noticed him because he looked like a cool guy with a ponytail. I asked my friend to introduce us. During the game we began to talk and got to know each other.

3. How many children/grandchildren do you have? I have three adult children from my first marriage. We have 8 grandchildren all together. I love my family. We are blessed by our children and all of our grandchildren.

4. What are your two favorite qualities about your husband? My husband is very responsible with taking care of our finances. He is a hard worker. He is also very caring and shows his love by making sure I always have all that I need. 

5. What do you and your hubby like to do for fun? We like to go out to restaurants. I love to eat seafood and my husband's favorite food is steak. We like to try new restaurants that we find. We also love to go on vacations together whenever we get the opportunity. We have been to Jamaica, Cancun, and Las Vegas. Cancun was our favorite place out of all three because of their beautiful blue waters and white sand beaches.

6. What is some advice that you would give to a newly married couple? It is very important to have good communication with your spouse. Also you have to be friends.

7. What would you say is the key to your lasting marriage? Knowing the Lord has helped us to realize our need for each other. We want to obey God in our marriage. In the beginning we would do things our way and it was a struggle. Now we have decided to follow God, no matter what we go through. God has helped our marriage improve and grow stronger with each year. 

8. What would be one thing you would want others to remember about your marriage? We want our marriage to be an example of happiness and commitment to our children and grandchildren. I want my family to see the importance of not giving up on your marriage. I have now learned the importance of not letting divorce be an option. I made that mistake in my first marriage. Now with my husband God has showed me through faith and prayer that He can do miracles. That is the example we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren. 

(This is a photo from Sherri's wedding day.)

I am so honored for the opportunity to 
share my mother and stepdad's marriage story on my blog. 

I know their goal is to pass on a godly legacy to the family 
and that is exactly what their marriage is doing.

I personally have learned so much from watching how they 
handled their biggest struggles in their marriage to 
even the smallest situations. They always put God first.

Be Blessed!

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