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Welcome my name is Sherri. I am a follower of Jesus. I have been blessed to be the wife to my best friend Markiel. I am a mother to my tween son Amari and my preschool daughter Sanai. By God's grace I have found true joy in serving my family in our home. Even amongst all the everyday craziness I know this where God has called me to be. I learn something new everyday. I also recently became a part time bible teacher at my daughter's preschool. So I have the best of both worlds.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10+ Wives Club:Robin

Welcome back to a new edition of 
10+ Wives Club

Today I want to introduce you to Robin.
Robin has become a good friend of mine.
She is also a wife, mother, and a lover of Jesus.

I had the honor of meeting Robin when she welcomed me 
into her home for her Moms In Prayer meetings. 

Each week I have the opportunity to come together 
with Robin, as she leads me and other mothers to pray for 
our children, their schools, and our families.

Ever since I first met Robin I was very impressed
with her love and commitment to her children and her husband.

When Robin shared with me that she recently celebrated her 
10 year anniversary, I knew I wanted to interview her.

Today I am welcoming her into the 10+ Wives Club. 
Here is her marriage story.

1.How long have you been married?
10 Years and 18 days!

2. How did you both meet? 
College.  Although we never dated in college (just friendly hellos on campus), we bumped into each other at homecoming, 5 years after we graduated.

3. How many children/grandchildren do you have? 2 boys

4. What are your two favorite qualities about your husband? He is kind and considerate.

5. What do you and your hubby like to do for fun? We both have a passion for food, so cooking together, trying a new restaurant.  Watching a movie together, or just laying somewhere on a blanket in the sun and reading next to each other. 

6. What is some advice that you would give to a newly married couple? Don't sweat the small stuff.  I heard Dr. Laura say once,  "Is this the hill you want to die on," this is a good reminder when an argument begins.

7. What would you say is the key to your lasting marriage? Stay the Course!!!!  It isn't about your happiness.  Happiness comes after serving one another.  For women, respect your husband, even if it is not earned.  For men, love your wife, even if it is not earned.

8. What would be one thing you would want others to remember about your marriage?
That God was the glue/center of our marriage.  That we enjoyed each other.  That we both lifted each other up above ourselves.  That we spoke kindly of each other.  That we cherished each other.

I'm excited to share Robin's marriage story,
and celebrate her 10 years of marriage.

I pray that God continues to bless 
Robin and her family. 

I hope that something Robin has shared
inspires you in your marriage.

Be Blessed!

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