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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What Wives Wear:Stripes

Recently my hubby and I went on a bus ride 
to Pennsylvania which was family fundraiser event.  
We thought we were headed to the outlets 
but before we got on the bus we found out 
we were going to the Sands Casino. 
Crazy story...don't ask.

I really wasn't to happy with the idea since I don't gamble.
The thought of being stuck in a casino for six hours when 
was ready to do some shopping, just wasn't my idea of fun.

I was thrilled to see after I went through 
the loud, smoky casino that they did actually have 
an outlet area with two floors. 

I quickly grabbed my hubby and headed to the first store I saw.

I ended up doing some really good shopping that day,
and I even picked up a few key items that I was 
looking to get for this spring.

This spring my favorite print is stripes.
Every time I'm at the store I'm always somehow 
drawn to something with stripes,especially if it's bold
black and white stripes.

During my shopping adventures I ended up getting 
two shirts and a pair of wedges with stripes.

Here is how I worked stripes into an outfit one Sunday for church.

Shirt:Charming Charlie's, Skirt:Isaac Mizrahi
Belt:Thrifted, Shoes:American Eagle

I liked this shirt so much I wore it again with a pair of 
skinny jeans and my sequin sneakers.

Jeans:Old Navy, Shoes:Airwalk, 
Necklace:Gifted from Ecuador, Earrings:Thrifted


Look out for more striped looks to come!

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Be Blessed!

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