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Welcome my name is Sherri. I am a follower of Jesus. I have been blessed to be the wife to my best friend Markiel. I am a mother to my tween son Amari and my preschool daughter Sanai. By God's grace I have found true joy in serving my family in our home. Even amongst all the everyday craziness I know this where God has called me to be. I learn something new everyday. I also recently became a part time bible teacher at my daughter's preschool. So I have the best of both worlds.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

31 Days of Sharing God's Love Day 27 Judge Not

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There is only one lawgiver and judge, He who is able to save and to destroy.  But who are you to judge your neighbor?  James 4:12

This is a very important verse, that makes me think of all the times that I try to pass judgement on others unfairly.  God is the only one that can truly judge us.  We must remember that God is God, and we are not. Many times we try to put ourselves in a place that we do not belong.  That is when we need our Father in heaven to humble us, and remind us where we really belong.

It is hard to admit, but I know we all do it.  Especially as mothers we often can be very critical of one another.  Whether we are judging others with our words or within our thoughts, it is all behavior that we need to be careful of, because it is unpleasing to God. 

I recently learned something that was very comforting to me.  As believers God gives us all different convictions.  This means that something that may be an issue for you, may not be for another believer.  These convictions are all based on your background and your relationship with the Lord, of course always following the Word of God.  After learning this, I realized that it is all under God's control.  I need to allow others to be the believer that God has created them to be.  I must allow them to be free to live life following the convictions that God put on their hearts.  Thank God in my life I can also do the same.  We can share God's Love with one another by letting God be the ultimate judge.  

Do you find times when you are very critical of others?

How do you deal with others judging you?
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