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Welcome my name is Sherri. I am a follower of Jesus. I have been blessed to be the wife to my best friend Markiel. I am a mother to my tween son Amari and my preschool daughter Sanai. By God's grace I have found true joy in serving my family in our home. Even amongst all the everyday craziness I know this where God has called me to be. I learn something new everyday. I also recently became a part time bible teacher at my daughter's preschool. So I have the best of both worlds.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

31 Days of Sharing God's Love Day 23 Love Yourself

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Often times when we are serving the Lord, and sharing His love with others, the enemy tries to put negative thoughts in our heads.  This is a way to discourage us, and distract us from the work of the Lord.  We must pray that God gives us a positive mind, that is completely based on His Word.  If we do not make this our daily prayer, we can begin to believe the lies of the enemy.  

We have to remember to share God's Love with ourselves.  We cannot share His Love with others, when we do not believe it ourselves.  Take the time to meditate on God's Word, so it will be set deep in your heart.  God's Word is truth, and the truth will set you free.  

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.  Ephesians 2:10

Lord I pray that I can see myself the way you see me, fearfully and wonderfully made.  Protect my mind from the lies of the enemy.  Help me to completely live my life based on your Word. 
I then will share the love you give me with others.  In Jesus Name Amen!

Do you often times get distracted by the lies of the enemy?

What are some ways you keep your mind set on God's truth?

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